A Review of the Louvre Website

The Louvre is by far one of the most famous museums in the world holding such master pieces as the Mona Lisa and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. It is the premiere museum for the exploration of the arts and classical objects.

When you first log onto the Louvre website you are immediately greeted with the website in French. You must go to the top right hand corner in order to switch the website to English. The sliding cover image is filled with such links to explore the masterpieces and then go see the new galleries such as one on the Art of French Living. They even have one thanking the sponsors of the museum if you wait long enough on that page.

The tabs on the top of the page are used for guidance to what one would assume are the most sought after topics. The first one being about planning your visit to the Louvre. When you glide over the topic a bunch of other subtopics come down to help you get more in depth. I really like this format. It is easy to navigate and super straight forward. The subtopics include how to get to the museum, where to eat, and the floor plans. As someone who got lost in the Louvre, having the floor plans is awesome. It is very easy to get lost in the museum.

The next topic is activities and tours. This topic seems to be aimed more towards educators and people that are buying the audio tour. It also gives you the link to look at the guided tours that are available. They also have the link to what is a virtual tour and overview of some of the amazing artifacts that are in the collections. This of course, only gives the highlights but that is what I would want to see. It is good to let people know the vastness of the collection.

The next tab is about the exhibits and the current events that are happening at the Louvre at that moment. It’s a good thing to know what is happening and when so you can plan out you’re visit to the museum.  I would like to know about the things that are happening while I am at the museum and this is the section I would go to for that.

The second to last tab has links to online tours and the collections that are catalogued online. The online tour would probably be for people who don’t have the ability to go to the Louvre for various reasons. I spent five days at the Louvre, and I know I didn’t see everything. I think that the accessibility to the online collections is so handy. I would think that they are utilized by many people.

My favorite section and the last section is the learning about art tab. It how different ways that art can be taught and the elements of art. This is a good section for a beginner who has never been to an art museum before. Including tales of the louvre an interactive story of the beginning of the Louvre.

I think that the website does have faults. The main one being that you aren’t getting the same content on the pages with the different languages. The website that is in French is not the same as the English page. I think it would be useful to have a universal page. The same homepage showing the same exhibits for all languages. I scanned through most of the languages and a lot of them were different. I think that overall this website is very well put together.

I think that overall the webite is well put together and very user friendly. I would definitely use it in the future.


3 thoughts on “A Review of the Louvre Website

  1. I really like this review of the website. I find it comical how when you go to change languages that the “Select Language,” tab was in English and not French like the rest of the website. I really agree with your last point about the content on the home page is different for each language selected. I think it is a flaw, but could also be intentional for each language because maybe, now I’m going out on a limb here, they know each culture has different values and beliefs of what should be in a museum and they took that into consideration when designing the website. Overall I feel you did an excellent job explaining exactly how the website works and how to best plan your visit using the website. I personally find it very useful that they have all of their events, tours, and schedules online for the public to plan accordingly. This post not only gives us as a class a sense of what to expect when going to a museum, but this information can also help the general public to plan trip to the Louvre.


  2. I agree that overall the Louvre’s website does a good job of conveying the necessary visitor information as well as online resources. I like the strait forward tabs that tell you all the important information. You walked me through the website very well. Something I was wondering though was how much of their collection have they put online? And who decides what gets put on or not? I agree that the fact that the information changes slightly depending on the language is troubling. Do you have any idea why that happens?


  3. I remember when we saw this website in class being very impressed. The Louvre is an international institution and as such, they seem to have found an adequate balance for people from countries other than France who speak different languages in allowing access. Your criticism of the difference in content between the French and English versions is very valid. Perhaps the creators of the site think that there is content that only has regional appeal to French people, or maybe the English version is incomplete because it is a work in progress. The virtual tour was my favorite part, it felt almost like Google street view where you can move in the exhibits almost as if you were walking through it in person and the amount of the museum available for view was exceptional as well.


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