Museums Standing for Education?

For me it was interesting taking this class not having a great perspective on what Museums true goals were. Firstly I thought that Museums were just big buildings that were specifically for paintings and art. Things that I thought would never interest me. On the contrary I learned that museums were meant for learning. They stood for houses of physical education things that you could look at and learn from.


However, now museums aren’t staying true to their intentions. I say this because through taking this course and reading about strategies and ways to get more people interested and involved it seems that the education aspect of museums is beginning to get lost in the transition. Museums are beginning to become more involved in staying relevant and trying to conform to the new digital age. Which is completely relevant for them if they want to continue being a business, however that only stresses the lack of attention to the education aspect that seems to have gone missing in modern museums.


“Digital tools are letting visitors experience objects in new ways.” Says András Szántó who is a writer on The Art Newspaper.


But the new ways that digital tools allow aren’t allowing the objects to be expressed how the original curators intended them to. People just look, they don’t learn anymore. They just look to look because it is what we as a society do we look through pictures not actually caring about what is in them unless we are passionate about them.


Although this article was written in 2010 it only stresses how much the time has changed us we are more developed into the digital age taking us further from the purpose of educating and rather focuses on what is in right now.  It begins to pose the real serious question of whether museums are tools of learning or just a big place to put old crap in an organized fashion.



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