Traditional Teachings vs. New Museum Teachings

All semester we have read articles that pertain to how a museum should be curated, how items should be conserved, and how museums need to entertain the public while still trying to educate them. All of these ideas that have been followed by museum majors for a long period of time ever since the shift in museums paradigms after the WWII.  But are these teachings still relevant? Are students learning the “modern” way of running a museums? Museums have changed and therefore so must the teaching styles.


The article “The Future of Museums,” found on


Proposed a very interesting question at the end of their article are students being properly trained for the shift in the modern museums? This is speaking of the new digital age that museums have incorporated into their daily routines. I know that in our own class we have always related most of our teachings to how it is relevant today. Especially when it comes to the social media and how they are such a big part of our society now a days. For example an extinct dinosaur has a twitter page and it tweets daily. This is just an example of the world that we live in.


However I am not trying to critique the world that we live in, I am critiquing the way that museum major are being taught. If this new digital age is going to completely change how we perceive museums then it is time for a change in the way museums are being taught. We might as well teach museums students how to run a successful YouTube channel and what filter to use on Instagram pictures than how to set up an exhibit. There should be more of a stress on being a relevant “hot” museum rather than a museum of learning.



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